Front Range Mobile Surgical Specialists


FRMSSFront Range Mobile Surgical Specialists primarily perform surgeries at different Veterinarian’s Hospitals each working day. Therefore, Dr. Willer and Dr. Fick do not have formal office hours for examinations and consultations with clients and their pets; however, there are situations where this is necessary and some consultation options are available.

Often your Veterinarian contacts Dr. Willer or Dr. Fick to discuss the nature of your pet’s problem. Together they review the history, discuss any pertinent concerns or issues which impact the decisions that must be made and they form the best plan for you and your pet. As a result, surgeries are often just scheduled; however, sometimes it is requested by the client or by the Surgeons to exam the patient before any surgeries are scheduled, but not all problems require surgery. Therefore, there are options available for consultations with Dr. Willer and Dr. Fick.

  1. Your pet can be left for a period of time at your Veterinarian’s Hospital on a day that Dr. Willer or Dr. Fick will be in the area when they can go to the Hospital in between scheduled surgeries for the day, perform a consultation and examination, and leave a report for the Veterinarian with their opinion and recommendations.

  2. A formal time can be established to meet you and your pet at the Veterinarian’s Hospital to perform a consultation and examination. This option is not discouraged, however it can be more challenging to arrange a mutually agreed upon time that works for you and the Surgeon's schedule because of the inconsistency with the Surgeon's timely arrival at the hospital dependent upon the nature of his surgeries for the day, where the Surgeon's are located geographically on a given day along the front range, and the variable travel time.

Depending on which option is chosen, the cost of the consultation will vary. Please contact your Veterinarian for a quote and the choice that you are most comfortable with. Whichever choice is made, Dr. Willer and Dr. Fick are thorough with their examination, and based on their many years of experience and expertise, they will thoughtfully draft a report with recommendations and options available to you and your pet, taking under consideration many factors which may impact your decision. Ultimately they will recommend what is best for your loved pet. 

Please be assured that Dr. Willer and Dr. Fick will not perform surgery on any patient that they do not feel surgery should be performed and conversely, thye will only recommend surgery if they feel this is most likely going to result in the best outcome for your pet. Dr. Willer and Dr. Fick will balance the risks against the benefits and advise you accordingly to the best of their knowledge. Ultimately the final decision on whether to go into surgery is based on the educated decision by the client, the primary Veterinarian, and the Surgeon.